Introduction of Vietnam National University of Forestry - History and development

Nov 30, 2016 2:15 PM

Vietnam National University of Forestry was established on 19 August, 1964 according to Decision No.127/CP dated 19/08/1964 of the Government Council on basis of separation of Faculty of Forestry Sciences and Mechanized group of forest exploitation of Hanoi University of Agriculture (now Vietnam National University of Agriculture)

In the period of 1964-1984: The University’s head office was located in Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh Province. In this period, the University implemented the task of university-level personnel training for the forestry sector, it had 03 faculties, 04 training majors in the forestry sector.

From 1984 until now, the University’s head office has been located in Xuan Mai town, Chuong My, Hanoi. In this period, the university has implemented the development strategy of multidisciplinary, multi-level and multi-sector university to meet human needs and deal with scientific and technological tasks of the country.

In 2008, the University established the Second campus which is located in Trang Bom town, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai province, on basis of merger and upgrade of Forestry High School No. 2 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to meet the personnel training need in the forestry sector for the southern provinces. In 2016, Ministry of Education and Training signed Decision on establishing Vietnam National University of Forestry Southern Campus.

Currently, the University is training 30 university level majors (Forest Product Processing Technology, Rural Work; Material Technology; Mechatronics Engineering Technology; Interior Design; Construction Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Information System; Landscape Architecture; Forestry (English, Vietnamese); Silviculture; Forest Resources Management; Urban Forestry; Environmental Science; Biotechnology; Agricultural Encouragement; Natural Resources Management (English, Vietnamese); Business Administration; Economics; Accounting; Agricultural Economics; Land Management; Natural Resources and Environment Management; Plant Protection; Crop Science, Automotive Technology and Engineering, Industrial Design, Social Work); 07 master majors (Forestry, Forest Product Processing Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Forest Resources Management; Agricultural Economics; Environmental Science; Economic Management) and 05 doctoral majors (Silviculture; Forest Inventory and Planning; Mechanical Engineering; Forest Product Processing Technology; Forest Resources Management)

So far, the university has trained over 50 doctors, 2,300 masters and 32,000 engineers and bachelors. The officers graduating from Vietnam National University of Forestry have been having an important contribution to the sector development, comprehensive socioeconomic development on the whole country, including many comrades who have been undertaking many key positions of the Party and the State from the central to the local. In addition, the university has trained more than 300 engineers, masters for the countries: Laos and Cambodia.

The university always promotes, strengthens and expands the international cooperation with over 50 universities, training institutions, research institutes and international organizations in many countries around the world such as America, Federal Republic of Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Nepal ... and international organizations such as GTZ / GIZ, JICA, FAO, UNDP, IUCN, the World Bank, WWF, ITTO, InWent, ICRAF

With these achievements, Vietnam National University of Forestry has been awarded many honorable titles: Labour Hero of reform era in 2009; First class independence medal in 2014, Second class independence medal in 2004, Third class independence medal in 1994; First class labour medal in 1989, Third class labour medal in 1984 and 1996; Second class labour medal in 2006 for Facility 2; Emulation Flag of Government in 2008. The university has been awarded by Laos Government: Medal of Freedom in 1984; Friendship Medal in 2000. The university has been awarded the emulation flag of Ministry of Education and Training in 1993; that of Ministry of Defense in 2000; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (2003, 2007, 2013) and Certificate of Merit from the ministries, branches and provincial and district administrative units...