Workshop: "Solutions for protection, restoration and development of the green-water surface system in Hanoi to meet the objectives of planning and creating urban identity"

Jan 14, 2018 5:49 PM
On January 13, at the International Conference Center ALMAZ - Vinhomes Riverside - Hanoi, the Vietnam Urban Planning Association cooperated with Vietnam Green Tree Park Association and People’s Committee of Hanoi organized the workshop "Solutions for protection, restoration and development of green trees - water surface system in Hanoi for the planning and creating urban identity."

Attending the workshop, there were delegates from governace and provincial agencies; delegates of Hanoi; Representatives of universities and research institutes; Delegates from international organizations: UN-HABITAT Vietnam, Canadian Urban Alliance, Embassy of Denmark, Asian Foundation (TAF), Healthbridge Foundation, KOICA, ADB, WB; Representatives of a number of professional associations: Vietnam Urban Association, Vietnam Association of Architects, Vietnam Real Estate Association, Vietnam General Association of Construction; Representatives of the press agencies. On the Vietnam National University of Forestry, there were the presence of Prof. Tran Van Chu (President of VNUF); Assoc.Prof. Vu Huy Dai (Head of Science-Technology Department); Dr. Ly Tuan Truong, Assoc.Prof. Dang Van Ha, Dr.Pham Anh Tuan (Director of College of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design).

Giving the opening speech, Mr. Tran Ngoc Chinh (former Vice Minister of Construction, Chairman of Vietnam Urban Planning Association, Chairman of Vietnam Green Tree Park Association) emphasized that Hanoi need to re-evaluate the planning of green trees in urban centers in order to find solutions to limit the weaknesses of urban greenery management. The design of the tree should be linked to the urban design to characterize the downtown streets, traffic axes or new urban areas. The solution of greenery planning should take a closer look at the natural elements and clarify the role of accent in creating urban identity. The lakes system needs to be studied in the direction of creating landscapes and regulating drainage, especially the connection between lakes in the central urban area with ecological urban areas.

Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Chu, representative from VNUF gave a presentation on: The solutions to promote research and technology application for green trees and water surface system improvement of Hanoi. The presentation emphasized that the greenery system - water surface is one of the important factors in the urban landscape architecture as well as the natural factors that having positive effects in improving the environment. The main contents of the presentation stressed on (1) Some factors affecting the management and development of the urban green water system, and (2) The shortcomings and solutions for the protection and improvement of urban green space as well as urban green trees in Hanoi.

On the sidelines of the conference, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Chu asserted that scientists and students of VNUF have contributed effort in the development of green system - water surface of the country in general and Hanoi in particular. VNUF has participated in design, consultancy and construction for many programs and projects in this field. The University has College of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design specializing in 4 fields: landscape architecture, urban forestry, interior design, and industrial design.

This workshop attracted the participation of many managers, scientists in the field. With concerted efforts, it is hoped that Hanoi will truly be a green and friendly city in Vietnam.

Some photos of the workshop:

Scientists of VNUF attended the workshop