Visit and lectures from Prof.Dr. Sven Wagner, Tu-Dresden

Nov 16, 2017 4:48 PM
From 6th to 10th November 2017, Prof. Dr. Sven Wagner from Dresden University of Technology, Germany have visited and delivered lectures for International Master students at VNUF.

Prof. Wagner has discussed with the President and vice-president about cooperation, staff exchange, student exchange, joining research and publications between VNUF and Tu-Dresden in the futures.

Prof. Wagner together with Dr. Hưng Bùi from VNUF to give lectures about Forestry in Europe, regeneration ecology, especially techniques to model and analyze spatial distribution of regeneration and seed dispersal. Prof. Wagner also give lectures on optimal growth space for trees in plantations and show importance of R and what can be analyzed by using R. He also motivate students and scientists to use R for publications in the future.

He has also thanked and appreciated the warm welcome of the rector's board and staff of VNUF. And hopefully, in the future, there more cooperation between VNUF and Dresden University of Technology.

Some photos about the visit and the lecture are presented as follows.

With Master students and staff

Giving lectures​