Training Course “Forest Carbon Emissions Management - FCEM” in Hoa Binh Province

Aug 22, 2017 3:00 PM
From 17 to 18 August 2017, Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF) in collaboration with the Vietnam Forests and Deltas Program (VFD) organized a training course on Forest Carbon Emissions Management –FCEM in Hoa Binh Province.

Attending the training course, there were Assoc. Prof. Bui The Doi (VNUF Vice President); Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha (VFD Expert) and 30 participants who are lecturers and researchers of VNUF.

The objectives of the course is to provide participants knowledge and skills about Forest Carbon and Climate Change; Measurement and monitoring of forest carbon stocks; Forest Carbon Emissions Management. A significant content in the course is the methodology for lecture development of FCEM modules such as: Forests, global carbon cycle and climate change; The role of forest and forest carbon for global climate-related agreements; Mitigation of climate change based on forests; Land use, Land use change and Forestry (LULUCF); Current status of forest carbon emissions in Vietnam; Introduction of carbon sinks for carbon accounting and monitoring; Quality assurance and Quality control (QA & QC); Methodology for field carbon measurement; Methodology for measuring forest carbon stocks in the field; Calculation of carbon stocks and reference calculation tools; Identification of data and emission factors; Reference emission level (REL); Study on the development of a national forest monitoring system (NFMS); Managing carbon emissions in forestry – The experiences. Besides, an excursion to the forest field of Hoa Binh Forestry Company was integrated in the course.

At the closing ceremony, Assoc.Prof. Bui The Doi congratulated the success of the training course and thanked to leaders and experts of VFD for the special contribution to improve training curriculum and enhance the capacity of faculty members. He expected that the knowledge and skills achieved though the course will help the VNUF lecturers to improve the training quality.

The module "Forest Carbon Emissions Management – FCEM" has been incorporated into the curriculum of 8 training programs from scholastic 2017-2018.

Some photos of the training course: